Roboty Ręczne Endless Summer SS 2013

Roboty Ręczne Endless Summer SS 2013 18_zps0b8086a2 12-1_zpsdf4114da 11-2_zpse5fe2892 6-3_zps89957be9 3-3_zps509bab59 4-2_zps9fd5cbb4 5-3_zps3fb544b6 2-3_zps1696e985 1-3_zpsdc1e507f 0-1_zps6e88d33cI love the name of this collection by Roboty Ręczne, not just because I love that surf doc but also because I love the idea of an endless summer. I could see myself wearing all these pieces for the beach, going out on a date or what I would wear in the morning after a great date. Have a great weekend my darling.



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