Baiba LADIGA AW2014

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It’s crunch time now.  I have a little over a week before I take off and I really need to finish selling everything I have to sell and do some major cleaning. In the middle of the madness I came across the latest collection by designer Baiba LADIGA. The shoes are really beautiful from a design standpoint. I really like how the metal shoes could double as a self defense tool if needed and that you probably would slide right off them if you put on too much body butter on your feet. Fun, times!



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Iris van Harpen Biopiracy

Iris van Harpen Biopiracy image image image image image image image image image imageToday while I had a free minute I wondered to myself what one of my favorite designer had been up to and decided to look at Iris van Harpen‘s website. I am so glad I did because what I discovered was her mind blowing collection called Biopiracy. Here is the explanation of the collection found on her site: “In the recent past, patents on our genes have been purchased. Are we still the sole proprietor of our bodies?
From this question arises a sense of arrested freedom in one’s most intimate, solitary state.
A mix of ready-to-wear and couture pieces is presented with artist Lawrence Malstaf -who specializes in the interaction between biology and physicality.
Models float in the air, embryonic, seemingly weightless and in a meditative suspended animation. Metamorphosis is suggested through intricate enmeshing of materials. Imprisoned fire opal beads gleam through lacerated weaves, artificial fibers compose voluminous, architectural structures, the organic ripple of light on water.
A 3D printing collaboration with Julia Koerner fuses the artisanal with the technical to create a kinetic dress which dances as it amplifies bodily movement. Molded boots in collaboration with United Nude accelerate and reconfigure the silhouette.”

The collection transports you to this magnificent odyssey of beauty filled with head turning apparel and to die for footwear. Seriously those black boots are so gorgeous. I would give up my apartment and move in with my parents just so I can afford them.



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