Maryam Keyhani

ss12_victor_lrg aw12_agami_lrg aw12_alethe_lrg aw12_batis_lrg aw12_foliage_lrg aw12_maccaw_lrg aw12_munia_lrg aw12_saffron_lrg ss12_angelique_lrg ss12_antonia_lrg ss12_francoise_lrg (1) ss12_ines_lrg ss12_madeleine_lrg ss12_mademoiselleriverie_lrg ss12_marcotte_lrg ss12_nogarola_lrg

I rarely post about jewelry lines but these beautiful necklaces by Maryam Keyhani made me pause for a minute. I love the combination of metal and delicate fabrics. Now, I just need to come up with way to get the guy to dress up and take me somewhere fancy so I can wear one of those necklaces and not look way overdressed…



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